All Rajon Rondo’s Assists from 2013/14 Season. Thirty minutes of delight. Best passer in the NBA.

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"I don’t really care what people think. The people in my circle do know the type of person that I am and know the genuine person that I am. If you don’t know me, then you just don’t know me. I don’t go to bed at night thinking about what people say about me. If people think I’m a bad person, so be it. That’s their problem. Millions of people only know me from what they see on TV."
-  Rajon Rondo on changing people’s perception of him
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"You don’t do charity work for publicity. Well, I know I don’t. Everybody’s different. I feel like if you do stuff like that for charity, it should be from the heart. You don’t have to get exposure for it. The people that you’re doing it for are very grateful. It’s not to get media attention. It’s not to get the NBA behind me. I do it for myself. I do it for the people that need it and I do it because I want to do it."
- Rajon Rondo on doing all kinds of charity work always in private.
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Rajon Rondo Highlights vs Philadelphia 76ers 14/4/2014 - 8 pts, 14 ast, 11 reb, just two points shy of another triple-double.

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Kelly Olynyk became the first Celtics rookie with 25 points and 12 rebounds in a game since Paul Pierce in 1998-99 via ESPN.

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Avery Bradley in last three games since returning from injury: 23.7 ppg, 53% FG (25-47), 81% 3PT (13-16), 100% FT (8-8).

Avery Bradley in last three games since returning from injury: 23.7 ppg, 53% FG (25-47), 81% 3PT (13-16), 100% FT (8-8).

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Phil Pressey putback dunk. Who knew he can do that?

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Jared Sullinger Full Highlights vs Detroit Pistons 5/4/2014 - 22 points, 10 rebounds, 5 assists.

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Rajon Rondo with the fake and the reverse in the Celtics’ 111-102 loss to the 76ers. (04/04/14)

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